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With only a few weeks until Christmas, why not help the environment as you celebrate this festive season?

RSPB is one of the many shops in the UK that encourage maintaining biodiversity and helping the environment whilst you buy gifts for your friends and family! 

Worldlandtrust also has a variety of gifts that support conservation. 

Born Free Foundation is a charity devoted to conservation and wild animal welfare. They sell a variety of gifts perfect for Christmas!


Have you got any spare stamps laying around? Many charities raise money by collecting used postage stamps for resale to stamp dealers. Give them to our GI Lead for collection!

Used overseas postage stamps are worth around four times more to charities than UK or mixed UK and overseas stamps. 

Here is a list of schemes we can donate to. 
Have you seen the new Green Impact poster?
Our GIPA, Kat Tyne has updated the board on D Floor!

Big Christmas Switch Off Campaign

This campaign is designed to highlight the potential energy savings from diligently turning off electrical equipment over Christmas and then measuring any reduction in energy consumption.

We encourage staff, researchers and students conduct energy saving practices among their daily routine.

So before you leave for the Christmas holidays, please make sure monitors are switched off, windows are closed, chargers and other unnecessary equipment are unplugged and the lights are turned off. 

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Top 5 Energy Saving Opportunities

  1. Office lights left on overnight use enough energy in a year to heat a home for almost 5 months. Switch them off and you’ll make all the difference.
  2. A 2°C increase in office temperature creates enough CO2 in a year to fill a hot air balloon. Try and not make your workspace over 21 celsius! Reduce it and you’ll make all the difference.
  3. Switch off equipment when not in use e.g. computers, phone chargers.
  4. Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms!
  5. Don't leave taps dripping. Each cubic meter of water costs nearly £2. Make sure you report this either to EFM and/or GI Lead as soon as possible.


Energy Saving in Action:
Christmas at USP

The lights we are using are energy efficient LED lights which saves much more energy than traditional lights.